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"Expert MCAD Design and Analysis Services"
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From 2012 through 2013, C. F. Cherko Technical Services provided direct MCAD and design services using SolidWorks to this manufacturer of turbine airfoils for the global aircraft engine industry. Efforts included development of 3D solid models for turbine airfoils and tooling fixtures and assemblies for their manufacture. These efforts included extensive use of 3D surface modeling techniques to replicate existing airfoil geometry and use the surface model information generated to generate investment casting wax patterns, internal core components for the casting process and tooling fixture components that fully support the airfoil surface geometry when machining the airfoil wax pattern.
Branchville (Metro New York City), New Jersey 07826
Advanced Process Systems LLC
From 2013 through 2014, C. F. Cherko Technical Services provided direct SolidWorks MCAD and design services to this engineering design company which provides controls systems integration, induction power systems, equipment upgrades, general project management, and process improvements within a strong customer-supplier relationship. Several major projects were expedited including the design and development of several vibratory tables for reducing and sorting sapphire material used in the semicondutor industry, a material handling lift and dump assembly for transporting process material and generating several versions and iterations of equipment layouts for a sapphire material processing faciltiy. Besides providing extensive 3D modeling and 2D drafting efforts, extensive use of FEA methods and kinematic motion analysis was also employed to refine and optimize the components and assemblies generated.
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FLC Flowcastings GmbH
Trebur (Frankfurt), Germany
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