C. F. Cherko Technical Services
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"Expert MCAD Design and Analysis Services"
For over 35 years, C. F. Cherko Technical Services and Carl Cherko have provided expert mechanical design engineering services to the following clients and engineering projects:
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St. Peters (St. Louis), Missouri 63376
Better Deal Remodeling
In early 2015, C. F. Cherko Technical Services provided direct SolidWorks MCAD and design services to a subsiderary business of Better Deal Remodeling. Besides providing residential and commercial remodeling contract services, its owner Wayne Louis also has built custom cars both for professional drag racing and appearing in custom car shows in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This particular project task generated a Harley-Davidson "Fatboy" emblem custom laser cut weldment assembly for display on the back of custom 1934 Ford Truck race car. The car and the custom emblem were shown in the Piston Power custom auto show in Cleveland in March 2015 with the car and emblem taking a best in class award.
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Brunswick (Cleveland), Ohio 44212
Stauder Technologies
From 2014 through 2015, C. F. Cherko Technical Services provided direct SolidWorks MCAD and design services to this engineering design company which is leading provider of targeting, geodetic, and communications systems for the U.S. military. Several projects tasks were expedited including designing and generating 3D part and assembly models and 2D drawings for rack mount test equipment. These included accurate and detailed 3D modeling of all vendor supplied switches, connectors and other components used in these assemblies. Schematic and 2D drawings were also generated for a large number of specialty cable assemblies and for wiring schematics for a family of several rack mount enclosure assemblies.